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Aqua bikesOne of the new trends in fitness, AquaCycling is the latest offering in the programing offered at the White Plains Y. Implementing many of the exercises from cycling and aquacise, AquaCycling is a well-rounded course that is great for exercisers of all fitness levels and ages.

What is Aquacycling?

While AquaCycling might look like a typical cycling class, it’s much more than just that. AquaCycling features exercises and activities that work your entire body including your legs, arms abs and back. While helping you work on your strength and tone this full-body exercise can help you burn over 700 calories per hour. Better yet, this exercise requires minimal effort and has little to no impact on joints and the massaging action of the water can help with circulation.

Who should take Aquacycling?

AquaCycling is great for exercisers of all ages and fitness levels. Beginner exercisers will find the exercises in an AquaCycling class to be easy to understand and accomplish. Experienced exercisers will find AquaCycling to be a low-impact, high-results course that will compliment many other fitness regimes. No matter your age or your skill level, AquaCycling is a highly efficient course on how to get your health on track!

when is Aquacycling offered?

Much like any of our swimming classes, AquaCycling falls under our 8-week class cycle. AquaCycling runs for 45 minutes a class and is available at the White Plains Y on the following days;

Tuesdays at 6:30pm
Sundays at 1:15pm

How do i register for Aquacycling?

Please contact our Senior Program Director at (914) 949-8030 or for more information.