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White Plains YMCA


*Aquatics Update – 1/7*

*Updated 1/7/2018*

*Large and small pools are currently closed*

Thank you again for your support during this time, we value you and are committed to effecting the repairs necessary to bring a quality Aquatics department back to the community as quickly and safely as possible.

Large pool: Construction has continued to progress with the large pool. The first stage (removing the existing pipes) progressed as expected and we are still expecting to reopen the large pool late January/early February. Once we have an exact date for refilling the pool we will announce an expected reopening date. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for more information.

Small pool: Our current construction efforts have focused on getting the large pool running again. Once the large pool construction is completed we will turn our focus in getting the small pool online again.

Aquatics Programs: With the large pool reopening in February, we are anticipating resuming our normal aquatics schedule. Programs including lap swim sessions, private swimming lessons and aquacise programs should resume shortly after the large pool reopens. Group swimming lessons including infant and adult beginner lessons will resume as of the Spring 1 session (Registration opening February 10th, sessions starting February 26th). Our summer swim team will also resume as expected, with tryouts starting in the Spring.

We are HERE for our community and dedicated to ensuring that you are satisfied with your experience.  As we have updates we will communicate them.  You’re welcome to reach out to the leadership team anytime as well.   It is our understanding that our community partners will continue to honor your membership during our shutdown.