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White Plains YMCA

Personal Fitness Program (PFP)

The Personalized Fitness Program (PFP) is designed for new and returning exercisers. This program can help you achieve your goals regardless of your current fitness level. The program will last up to 8 weeks and includes individual meetings with a Y Fitness Counselor who will provide feedback and follow-up for beginning your personalized program. Your Fitness Counselor will gradually introduce you to the components of an exercise program based on your individual fitness goals. The Personalized Fitness Program provides a structured, sensible fitness routine, gradually adding new exercises at each meeting. These small changes will lead to greater success in achieving your health goals. You will also have the option of fitness testing to see how you have progressed.

What you can expect:
  • A program geared to YOU. This program is to help give you the jumpstart you need to get back into, or start, an exercise routine.
  • No additional charges.  This program is included with your YMCA membership.
  • Trained Y Staff.  All staff has undergone training to understand and implement the program effectively.  Your Fitness Counselor will provide you with personal attention and extra motivation to help keep you on track.
  • A flexible start time.  You can start this program when you are ready.  No waiting for class starting dates! Sign up for your one-on-one appointment at the Membership Services desk.
Your Y Fitness Counselor will:
  • Review and assist you in developing your own Y Personal Fitness Plan
  • Provide an orientation on fitness center equipment
  • Meet personally with you for up to 6 visits
  • Monitor attendance
  • Regularly review and update your Personal Fitness Plan
  • Discuss options and provide guidance to continue your YMCA exercise experience after program graduation.

Interested in learning more or enrolling? Click here to fill out a PFP inquiry form.